About Me

Hi, My name is Hemant, I am a simple guy with always on look for good information and interesting articles, I copy the required articles and post it across for the people and friends. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me if your require more information about any posted matter.

Whenever I find interesting articles from the fields like  healthcare, mobile, medical devices,computers, India etc. I keep them safe with me for safe keeping and sharing!! These topics generally affects our lifes in some way or the other.

You can freely copy information as required any time without my permission. But please if you are going to use it for commercial scale, please consider buying the original copyrighted material.

If you are a recruiter, please click on the right corner tab for my resumes Or Click Here.


Hemant K.

To acquire knowledge, one must study;
but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
– Marilyn vos Savant

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